FAQ: How To Play Ana?

How do you play the game with Ana?

You get PotG with Ana when you throw you Bionic Grenade and eliminate more then two opponents, or you clean up some eliminations with your rifle. That’s the only two ways to get PotG with Ana, I’ve never seen someone get it just from healing.

How do you play Ana overwatch 2020?

There are three ways to use Ana’s Rifle: shooting while scoped, shooting while unscoped, and quickscoping. Scoped shots are more accurate, but Ana becomes immobile and vulnerable while scoping. Unscoped shots are projectiles that are more difficult to hit, but Ana won’t be vulnerable while aiming down sights.

How do I get Potg new mercy?

The way you get POTG as Mercy is wait for a DPS to get their ultimate (preferablly an easy one like maybe Reaper) and when they die, say “Ima Rez u and then use ult immediately” which will sometimes give you POTG instead of them since you Rez and get like 5 assists within 7 seconds.

Can you get play of the game as Mercy?

Getting PotG as Mercy is pretty rare now.

How much healing should Ana have?

As a main healer she should avereage 10000 healing. According to master overwatch, the average Ana has 782 healing /min in comp games. Like everyone else has said though, it really depends on team comp and map. You can break 1k per minute with a good team and not have to sacrifice using utility to do it.

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Is Ana good overwatch 2020?

Ana’s arsenal of powerful healing abilities makes her one of the most effective support heroes in Overwatch. Her ability to both heal allies and dole out damage to enemy heroes makes her a desirable asset to any Overwatch team.

How many hours does ml7 have on ANA?

ml7on Ana

Game Time
Time Spent Playing 5 hours
Time Spent Alive 5 hours
Time Spent Dead 32 minutes (9.40%)
Medals and Cards


How can I aim better in overwatch?

You can start by practicing tracking bots and flicking in the Practice Range. Once this becomes easy, you can take your practice to Deathmatch or Quick Play. Make sure that you focus on aiming and your arm movements while practicing. Improving aiming in Overwatch is ultimately about building up muscle memory over time.

Is mL7 in owl?

Overwatch streamer and Ana specialist Mihai ” mL7 ” Lupascu has joined Team Envy. The Team announced the Rumanian as a full-time content creator.

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