FAQ: How To Get Podcast On Google Play?

Are Google podcasts free?

The free standalone podcast app for Android Google Podcasts (formerly Google Play Podcasts ) is Google’s standalone app for podcasts. The free app for Android and iOS is integrated with both Google Assistant and Google Home and is fairly minimalist, sporting an uncluttered interface and a handful of features.

Does Google Play have podcasts?

You can listen to podcasts on your Android device through the Google Play Music app. The Google Play Music app makes it simple to find and download thousands of different podcasts. Google Play Music comes pre-installed on most Android devices, and it’s free to download if you don’t have it.

How long does it take Google Play to approve a podcast?

All podcasts submitted to Google Play Music Podcast Portal are moderated. The process can take between 1-10 days, though most submissions are approved within 3 days. Google will email the address you entered as your Google Play email in PowerPress settings When your podcast is approved.

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How do I listen to podcasts on Android?

On your Android phone If you have an Android phone you can use the Google podcasts app. Search “Google podcasts ” in the play store app or click this link on your phone to open it in the store. Install the app.

What is the #1 podcast in the world?

Top podcasts

Podcast Industry Ranking
Top 20 Podcasts
Rank Podcast Publisher
1 The Daily The New York Times
2 NPR News Now NPR


Which is the best free podcast app?

Cross-Platform Podcast Apps

  • RadioPublic. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Player FM. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Pocket Casts. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Castbox. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Podbean. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Stitcher. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • Laughable. Free on iOS • Free on Android.
  • TuneIn Radio.

Is Google play the same as Google podcast?

Confusingly, Google has two platforms for listening to podcasts: Google Play (their music app) and Google Podcasts (which is built-in to Android). In 2016, Google brought podcasts to Google Play Music. They instructed podcasters to submit their shows by going to the Google Play Music podcast portal.

What happened to Google Play podcasts?

Google Podcasts Manager is replacing Google Play Music Podcast Portal as the new home for your podcast listeners on Google. Starting in the next few weeks, you’ll no longer be able to add new podcast shows through Podcast Portal. Later this year, access to Google Play Music Podcast Portal will be removed permanently.

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How do podcasts make money?

Advertising and sponsorships are probably the first things you think of when looking for ways to make money from podcasting. There are several different podcast ad networks that can connect you with advertisers. They do all the work of finding advertisers, negotiating rates, getting the script, and more.

Can I make a Google podcast?

Visit the Google Play Podcast Portal (opens in new tab) Click the “Add A Podcast ” Button. Paste in your podcast’s RSS feed URL. Click “Submit RSS Feed”

Why isn’t my podcast showing up on Google podcasts?

Podcast is not on Google. If your podcast isn’t appearing in Google Search or Google Podcasts, try the following troubleshooting steps. A feed must be indexed by Google before it can appear on any Google Podcasts platform. Being indexed means that Google has found, read, and stored your RSS feed in the Google index.

Does Google podcast have reviews?

Right now both Spotify and Google Podcasts do not include a way to leave ratings or reviews. Some apps like Overcast allow you to favorite individual episodes and this may help with discovery.

Can you watch a podcast or just listen?

A podcast is essentially a radio show that you can get on the internet, so you can listen any time you want. Or, you can download a podcast, which means you ‘re saving it on your phone, or tablet, or computer, and you can listen to it anytime, even without an internet connection.

How can I listen to podcasts without using data?

How to Change Podcast Settings to Listen Without Using Data

  1. Step 1: Open Your iPhone’s general Settings tab.
  2. Step 2: Tap on the Podcasts app.
  3. Step 3: Turn off Cellular Data & Turn on Only Download on Wi-Fi.
  4. Step 4: From the same screen, select the Notifications setting (above Cellular Data )
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What is the best Android podcast app?

These are the best podcast apps currently available in February 2021!

  • Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find music you love.
  • Anchor – Make your own podcast.
  • Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts.
  • Pocket Casts – Podcast Player.
  • Podcast Player & Podcast App – Castbox.
  • Stitcher – Podcast Player.
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