FAQ: How To Get Alexa To Play Spotify?

Why can’t I play Spotify on my Alexa?

There is no definitive fix for the errors, but a good start to troubleshooting the problem is to reboot the speaker. Then unlink your Spotify account and sign in again. To unlink Spotify, open the Amazon Alexa app and go to Settings > Music > Spotify. Tap Disable Skill and confirm by tapping Disable.

How do I get Alexa to play my Spotify playlist?

Here’s how you can listen to Spotify playlist on Amazon Echo smart speaker:

  1. Step 1: Open Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Step 2: Go to Settings app and select Music.
  3. Step 3: Click on Link New Service and then tap on Spotify.
  4. Step 4: Input your Spotify username and password.

Can Amazon Alexa connect to Spotify?

Luckily, you can — and quite easily, too. It won’t take you much longer to set up Spotify on your Echo than it will to read the rest of this article, so in no time you’ll be saying: ” Alexa, play my discovery mix!” To do this, you’ll just need to use the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android device.

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Can I connect Spotify to Alexa without app?

Link Spotify to Alexa Tap the menu in the top-left. Tap Settings, then Music & Podcasts. Select Spotify, then Link account to Alexa. Log in to your Spotify account.

Why is Echo DOT not playing music?

One issue that could be causing the music to stop playing on the Amazon device is Wi-Fi connectivity. If there are several other devices connected to the Wi-Fi, the Echo, Dot, or other Alexa devices might be experiencing congestion. Wi-Fi congestion can be reduced by turning off any devices that are not in use.

Why is Alexa not playing my playlist?

Check Subscription. You need to have an active subscription to either Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited to play songs with Alexa. If you don’t have an active subscription, Alexa will not play the requested songs. Step 2: Click on your name at the top and select Memberships & subscriptions.

How do I get Alexa to play my playlist?

Just say, “ Alexa, ask My Pod to play my [ playlist name] playlist.” You can then use “Next track,” “Previous track,” “Pause,” “ Play,” and “Stop” to control playback, without having to say “ask My Pod” first.

What are the best playlists on Alexa?

Here are 11 best Amazon Music playlists you need to ask Alexa to play for you now:

  • 90s Hip-Hop BBQ.
  • Roadtrip: 90s Alternative.
  • 50 Great Songs from the Last 10 Years.
  • The Littlest Hipster.
  • Modern Country Workout.
  • 50 Great R&B Slow Jams.
  • Classic Rock Dinner Party.
  • Remedy for Rage.
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Can Alexa use multiple Spotify accounts?

Can you use multiple Spotify accounts? The Amazon Echo lets you switch between user profiles, so if you associate two Amazon accounts with different Spotify ones, you can get the desired effect. To add additional accounts, you’ll need to login to alexa. amazon.com and head to Settings > Account > Household Profile.

Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

How does Amazon Prime Music compare to Spotify and Apple Music? Amazon Music Unlimited offers a library of 50 million songs, the same number as Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from their similar Amazon Prime Music and Spotify’s free plan are both free, provided that you’re a Prime member.

How do I link my Alexa echo dot to Spotify?

First, download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play or App store, and follow the prompts to set up your new Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Once connected, go to “Settings,” select “Music,” click “ Link New Service,” and then tap “ Spotify ” to input your Spotify username and password.

Can Alexa have two accounts?

Thankfully, Amazon offers the ability to associate Alexa, the Echo’s voice assistant, with multiple user accounts. To add accounts to your Echo or other Alexa -powered device, open the Amazon app and tap on the menu button in the top-left corner.

What can Alexa do on Spotify?

Here are some other Spotify commands you can give Alexa:

  • “Play (song name) on Spotify ” (You may have to add the artist in there if there are multiple songs with the same name)
  • “Play (artist name) on Spotify ” (Shuffles songs by that artist)
  • “Play (composer) on Spotify ” (Shuffles music from that composer)
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How do you put Alexa in pairing mode?

Use the Alexa app to pair your phone or Bluetooth speaker with your Echo Device.

  1. Put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode.
  2. Open the Alexa app.
  3. Select Devices.
  4. Select Echo & Alexa.
  5. Select your device.
  6. Select Bluetooth Devices, and then Pair A New Device.
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