Boss Monster How To Play?

How many cards do you get in boss monster?

Boss Monster is a standalone game that includes 155 cards … everything that 2-4 players need for endless hours of dungeon-building, hero-slaying fun!

When can you destroy a room in boss monster?

You can ‘ t destroy rooms at any time; only if some card allows it. If room destruction is time dependent (such as during the Adventure Phase), you can destroy the room at that time. (This is because of the ” Room abilty takes effect” clause under ” Rooms Deal Damage”.)

What is a boss monster Yugioh?

A Boss Monster is a card that’s generally considered incredibly powerful, usually with high stats and fairly hard summoning condition that has fantastic effects. In some cases, they’re generic and in others, they’re a major part of an Archetype.

How many boss monster expansions are there?

This bundle contains three expansions for the Boss Monster card game which is sold separately and required to play.

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Sold by AMA INC

Who made boss monster?

Boss Monster is a retro-inspired dungeon-building game published by Brotherwise Games and can be played with 2-4 players.

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