Dry Carpet Cleaning: The Benefits

Have you had the unfortunate experience of your carpet drying out too slowly before your normal daily activities? You may have noticed that the spotty appearance of your carpet remained even after it had dried. This was true, even if you hired a company to do the cleaning. If one does not want to trust in the old-fashioned method, what should they do, visit us?

Dry carpet cleaning is a natural process that can be used to prevent wicking problems, mold, mildew and rapid resoiling. Dry carpet cleaning involves a thorough vacuuming of the carpet, pre-treatment, and the application of an accelerator. The dry cleaning agent is then applied, followed by a machine wash and a touch up.


Most carpet and padding producers recommend this process to solve most accidents. Your carpets can accumulate dust and bacteria, whether they are in your office or at home. This is because a standard vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaning machine cannot reach them. Even carpets which “appears” clean can contain a variety of particles that can contaminate your surrounding air. It is safe to use dry cleaning for children and pets. There are no pollutants and there’s no need to dump wastewater.

The carpet backing will not shrink, stretch, delaminate, or rot. Once the micro sponges are done, normal traffic can resume, depending on how large the carpet is. Not only will your place look cleaner, but it will also smell better.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning System

The first thing to do is use a powerful vacuum cleaner and counter-rotating brush. The machines lift the pile, remove loose dirt, dust and other allergens, such as dust mites and mold, that are commonly found in carpets.

Second, use a low-moisture pretreatment to remove any obvious spots and stains. To encapsulate any remaining stains, emulsify them with an orange-based solution. Using the same counter rotating soft brushes, the organic micro sponges will be applied to the carpet and then brushed in from the bottom upwards. They absorb stains and soils and disperse them, just like kitchen sponges. After a successful outcome, the carpet can be cleaned with the same vacuum cleaner.

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