Dos & Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning, Errors you Should Avoid

When it comes to cleaning carpets, you need to be very careful to ensure that the results are as good as possible. For carpet longevity and to prevent frequent mistakes, we at Carpet Cleaning Killara have put together some dos and don’ts when it comes to carpet cleaning. These rules can help maintain the integrity and beauty of your carpets. Recommended site!

Do not wait to clean up spillages and stains.

Accidents happen. You need to deal with spills or stains quickly. To absorb liquid, use a fresh cloth or paper to dab the area. You should avoid rubbing or scrubbing as you can damage your carpet and force the stain into its fibers.

You shouldn’t use too much water

Over-watering your carpets can result in a number of problems such as a delay in drying, the growth of mold, or damage to its backing. To avoid oversaturating your rugs, follow the instructions for the use of cleaning products as well as the amount and type of water.

Vacuum your home often.

The vacuuming of carpets is an important part of maintenance. As dirt, dust and debris accumulate over time it is important to vacuum regularly. You should vacuum areas that receive a lot of traffic twice a week. The other parts can be done once a month.

Avoid: Not hiring a house cleaner.

Although spot cleaning and regular vacuuming is necessary, it may not be sufficient to get rid of deeply-ingrained dirt and allergens. Professional cleaning will help to prevent toxins from accumulating in your carpets and affecting the indoor air.

Cleansing products: Test them out

You should test all cleaning agents in an unnoticed area to make sure they are compatible and to prevent discoloration or damage. You should apply a very small amount of cleaning agent to the area you want to test, then note the effects. This is the stage where you can confirm that your cleaning solution suits your specific type of carpet.

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