Direct Painting Drawing Procedures

Direct painting drawing and classical painting are very different recommended reading. Direct painting should start with the basic color scheme, which is black, Drawing procedures for direct painting articles white and gray. Direct painting is not complete without the following steps.

The first step is to draft the image on the canvas using charcoal. Then, they use turpentine and ultramarine to finish the process. Brown is an inter-mediate color. It is therefore easy to coordinate it with other colours. Colours such as ultramarine and dark red (some artists may also use brown, green or dark blue) can leave a few broken lines on the finished work and create a color effect.

Two, you can enlarge your tone. The tone of the painting should be stronger than its final contrast. In this step color should be applied lightly. The entire tone should be a little brighter than the volume. In the case of a constant representation, different shades of grey will naturally appear to make the “fire color” relationship perfect.

The third step is to use a thicker pigment on the screen. If possible, you should try to extend as much time as possible. This process must be planned carefully and carried out step by step. If you paint the face tomorrow, do not change the colors in other places. To remove the thick color in areas unfinished within one-day, use a painting knife. Continue painting the area until it is almost completely dried to avoid the oil absorption. It is best to concentrate on the oil paints that have a thick light color. However, the dark colors should generally be thinned out.

After several finishings, oil paintings retain rich details. Some details were beyond the predetermined criteria. Remove all unnecessary information, and then adjust the overall relationships to bring the screen closer to the actual situation.

In the modern industrial age, Western painting materials have gone from being handmade to completely machine-made. A rapid modernization of technology has brought about a constant development of new painting material properties. Many oils painting materials had never been used before. All types drying oil and quick-drying paint can create all kinds of thick or thin, coarse or fine, different base material with strong durability and rapid drying. Oil painting is now more versatile than ever. There are many new materials that have been developed.

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