Carpet Cleaning 2023

Carpet cleaning is often thought of as steam cleaning. However, it is actually much easier and more efficient than steam cleaning. Dry foam is the preferred method for carpet cleaning. This method of cleaning carpets is not dry as the name suggests. However, experts refer to it dry because its moisture content is so low. Click for source!

How it works

The special shampoo is what gives dry foam carpet cleaning its power. An chemical process called “encapsulation”. Encapsulation technology allows dirt and residue to be trapped in a suspension. The particles will crystallize once they are trapped so that the carpet cleaning company can remove them. This method works just as well to remove dirt or stains as steam-cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning is best done by a trained professional. Although steam machines are straightforward to use for dry foam carpeting, the skill and knowledge of the technician is far more important than the machine.

Berber carpets benefit from dry foam carpet maintenance. Berber carpets come in a looped pile which means dirt and debris can easily be caught at the base. Steam cleaning involves flushing water into the carpet, and then extracting it using a high-pressure vacuum. The combination formula and the brush that applies shampoo to carpets results in cleaner carpets. The brush spins so fast that it vibrates carpet soil and removes trapped particles.

Why it’s Better for You

Problem with steam cleaning carpets is that it can overwet the carpet, which can cause shrinkage, color bleeding and discoloration. The worst problem with steam cleaning carpets is mould and mildew. Your carpets can become so saturated that the underpad soaks into the carpet. Without air circulation, it becomes a prime environment to grow mould and mildew.

Mould is an invasive type of fungus. It grows in moist areas and contains allergens as well as irritants. Health Canada warns of the potential danger of mold growth in residential structures. Residents who live in areas where mold or mildew grows are more likely than others to develop symptoms such as headaches and wheezing. Asthmatics in particular are at risk due to the possibility of asthma attacks from mould.

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