10-Day Rule For Drivers License When Driving While DUI

Driving under influence of substances such as alcohol or drugs is a most serious offense that can cause suspension of a driving licenses or, in the most extreme instances, long-term sentence of imprisonment. If you’re arrested for DUI repeatedly, you may face more severe punishments. More info?

This could include jail time for 5-10 years with heavy fees. DUI can negatively impact your professional career and your life. The best way to eliminate these charges fully through hiring a seasoned DUI attorney to shield your rights in the courtroom. By calling an DUI attorney immediately following your arrest allows the lawyer to monitor and evaluate the circumstances.

Ten Days Rule for DUI arrest

The law automatically revokes an individual’s driver’s licence when he is charged with driving under the influence. This is both for the safety and security of the driver and people in general. This driver will not be permitted to drive after the 10 day rule has been observed. This rule states that the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) hearing should be scheduled within 10 days of being arrested.

The hearing at the DHSMV is an essential part to maintain your driver’s license. The DHSMV hearing differs than the criminal court proceeding which allows you to fight against the suspension of your driver’s license. It is possible to lose your driver’s license when you fail to schedule an DUI hearing within the following 10 days. It could be anywhere from six months to a year.

The best way to fight against a DUI legal case is to engage an aggressive and knowledgeable DUI lawyer to defend your case during the trial. Lawyers can aid you by listening to the details of your case and finding an appropriate option. Your lawyer could fight for your driving privileges and then fight for your freedom.

What is the 10 day rule?

If you are arrested for DUI charge, court will give you the right to request a hearing. The court allows you 10 days for submitting a claim. Your license will be suspended for a longer period in the event that you don’t schedule hearing within these 10 days. Revocation time frames can vary in accordance with whether it’s an initial offense, second or third or more.

There is a limited window to request a hearing if you’re arrested for driving under the influence. You will be able save your license to drive if submit it on time. Your license will be good until the legal case with DMV begins. A judge can suspend your license for an act of punishment. These are cases that can be serious and should be treated like such. It is important to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to help with your DUI situation. If you do not schedule an appointment for the hearing within 10 days after the arrest, it’s going to cost you. DUI doesn’t automatically mean you’ll lose your driving privileges, receive higher insurance costs or have to pay other penalties. The best way to stay clear of these charges is by taking the appropriate actions on time.

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